Policies and Frequently Asked Questions

Social Policy

1. No discrimination. This means if someone is different than you in any way (sex, race, religion or lack thereof, disability, sexual orientation, etc.), you must exercise tolerance while you are participating in group activities at all times. In other words, let’s be kind to one another.

2. If your child has an issue with another child that they cannot resolve between each other, you need to speak directly with the parent of the other child. Gossip, speaking ill of another child to co-op members or other children will not be tolerated.

3. All posts on the group facebook page will ONLY be for purposes that support co-op activities. Do not post personal issues on the group page or they will be deleted. If there is an issue with the group itself, please contact to Kandye Tucker. If there is an issue with a child, please speak with their parent. If there is an issue with another parent, please speak with that parent.

4. If you are not an active member, we reserve the right to remove you from the facebook group at any time. This is for the safety of our members. NO LURKERS!

With that said, we are here as a group to have FUN!!! All personal matters can be handled on a private basis so our focus can remain on our kids (and parents) having a fun time together!


Frequently Asked Questions

What will this cost?

Most of our classes will be FREE!!!  You heard correctly, FREE!!!  However, there are a few classes that we may need to charge for in order to cover materials.  It will all be laid out for you in the class descriptions.

Can I drop my child off and pick them up later?

No.  We are a cooperative which means everyone pitches in to help.  Unless you have made other arrangements to have a parent be responsible for your child (make sure both parties have notified Kandye Tucker prior to class day) or you sign your child out to a responsible adult on campus, you need to stay on campus.  You don’t necessarily have to be in the classroom with your child but you need to be on the premises.

Do I need to pack a lunch or snacks?

We have 4 designated class periods and a lunch period each Wednesday that we meet (unless otherwise stated).  If you are here during lunch, you can feel free to pack a lunch.  You can also pay $1 per slice to order pizza with the group (payable before 10 a.m. day of classes).  We will try to have snacks and drinks for sale as well but you may want to bring a few of your own.

There will be designated eating areas throughout the facility.  No eating or drinking will be allowed outside of these areas.

Why do you need a copy of my child’s latest report card or our insurance card in order to enroll?

Because we are utilizing an outside facility, we need these documents for their insurance purposes.  Someone will be at the Meet and Greet to assist anyone that needs help with report cards or completing paperwork.

Why do I need to fill out an enrollment form for Boys and Girls Club in order to enroll?

Again, since the Boys and Girls Club has been gracious enough to allow us to use their facility, we need to adhere to their guidelines.  This is also needed for insurance reasons.

There was a class that my child really wanted to take and it wasn’t offered.

You can feel free to recommend classes, coordinate a cooperative class,  or sign up to teach a class yourself to ensure your child gets the class they want each semester.

What supplies will my child need?

Unless it stated as a requirement for a particular class (see class descriptions), your child should not need to bring anything to class each day.

We will be taking school supply donations for the Boys and Girls Club weekly.

When does the Fall/Spring semester begin or end?

We follow the Polk County School calendar each year.

Can I/my teen teach a class?

Sure!  We would love to have you or your teen teach a class.  Contact Kandye Tucker for more information.

For what ages are classes offered?

We welcome everyone from age 2-99+!

What types of classes do you offer?

This is a student/interest led cooperative.  Whatever our students would like to learn or parents/teens would like to teach, is what we will attempt to offer.

What happens if a teacher is sick and unable to teach on a certain day?

We ask our teacher’s to try their best to make all of the classes scheduled for each semester.  However, we understand that emergencies happen and everyone here is a volunteer.  If a teacher will not be able to attend a class, it is announced on the current semester’s facebook page as soon as we are notified.

Can I sit in class with my child?

Parents are welcome to sit with their child in class if needed.  However, we ask that parents with younger siblings please stay in the common areas during class time so there is no disruption.

My child is having trouble making friends.  What should I do?

Talk to the other parents and volunteers.  We can introduce them to the other kids, and talk with teachers and other students to help them feel more included.  We want this to be a great experience for all of our kids and parents!