Class Descriptions



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Active and Classic Playground Games for Littles (Brianna and Chass Kapinkin)

Ages: 2-8                                              Cost FREE

Jump, hop, and run to this active class for kids.  Kids will play games like: Mother May I, Red Rover, Freeze Tag, 3 Legged Races, Man Hunt, Red Light Green Light, Duck Duck Goose, Egg Drop Races, Capture the Flag, or other games you loved playing as a kid. This class is about making new friends through shared experiences and learning how to work as a team. The games are simple and easy to participate in, but exciting and loads of fun!

Free Form Dance (Melyssa Stone)

Ages:  All                                              Cost:  FREE

We can dance if we want to (and how we want to)!  In this dance class, there aren’t specific rules.  Feel the music and let it guide your movement.  It’s all about fun.

Gymnastics and Tumbling (Alyssa Kapinkin)

Ages:  All                                              Cost: FREE

Learn how to jump, flip, and do one-handed cartwheels in this fun, high-energy class.

Knitting Club (Katie Hardison and Hannah Mathre)

Ages: 10 and up                                        Cost:  FREE

Learn to knit or if you already know how to knit, come and sit with Katie and Hannah to make something cool!

Mad Science (coordinator Jennifer Stanton)

Ages: 5 and older                                 Cost:  May have materials cost

This is a fun cooperative class for budding mad scientists.  Parents will take turns teaching all sorts of interesting STEM activities to the kiddos.

Melting Pot 9+ (coordinator Kandye Tucker)

Ages: 9 and over                                    Cost: FREE

This is a fun cooperative class where anything can happen! Parents will take turns being responsible for planning, purchasing materials (if needed), and teaching classes for kids during the semester. Classes can be based on anything that will interest the kids in the group. Some ideas include: fun science experiments, cool crafting projects, awesome group games, cooking project, having an animal rescue come in to show and discuss, and more! Classes can be “taught” in our classroom, or be moved outside for some days. Parents can also choose to co-teach on their weeks. Looking for ideas? Pinterest is a great resource for finding fun projects and games of all sorts.

Minecraft Club (Finn Tucker)

Ages: 10 and up                                  Cost:  FREE

Learn about redstone and advanced building.  Every week you will have 3 build projects from which to choose.   If you do 2 or more, you could earn additional rewards!

Required for this class: laptop, Minecraft (latest version), some experience with building and redstone, Microsoft Word (or a note pad and pencil/pen).  

Optional but recommended: a mouse and mouse pad.

You can go on the server whenever you want if it’s open!

Tabletop Games (Finn Tucker)

Ages: 10 and up                                        Cost: FREE

Do you enjoy playing board games?  Do you like games that involve strategy, story telling, or deception?  Come join us and immerse yourself into the world of tabletop and role-playing games like Werewolf, Coup, Munchkin, Once Upon a Time,  and more!

You will be given a list of the games being played prior to each class.  You will need to check out gameplay on YouTube or another source and familiarize yourself with the games before each class.  This way, you will have the entire class time to play and have fun with your friends!

Theatre (Robert Tucker)

Ages:  10 and up                                 Cost:  FREE

Learn the art, craft, and philosophy of acting.  We will also be focusing on techniques for public speaking, theatre crafts, and understanding playwriting as literature.

Tween and Teen Story Time (Robert Tucker)

Ages:  10 and up                         Cost:  FREE

Let’s face it, even older kiddos enjoy having a story being read to them.  Especially when it’s being read by a classically trained actor!  Join Robert, as he takes you to into the magical worlds of H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, Isaac Asimov, and more!

After reading each story/chapter, there will be a group discussion about the material.

Spanish (Jomy Enid)

Ages:  10 and up                                 Cost:  FREE

Come learn Spanish from a native speaker and fellow unschooler!

Who’s Line Is It Anyway? Teen/Tween Improv (Kandye Tucker)

Ages: 10 and up                                 Cost: FREE

Do you enjoy comedy?  Do you like being silly and making your friends laugh?  Well, this is the class for you!  Come and have fun with your friends while playing improv games.  You will learn how to listen and respond, how to work with a team, and how to think on your feet.


1st Period

Active and Classic Games for Littles

Tabletop Games for Tweens/Teens


2nd Period

Gymnastics and Tumbling

Melting Pot (Ages 9+)

Minecraft Club


3rd Period

Free Form Dance

Mad Science

Storytime for Tweens/Teens

4th Period

Knitting Club

Who’s Line Is It Anyway? Teen Improv